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Villas in Casal di Principe

Scarface once lived here

Walter Schiavone, boss of Casalesi clan, asked to his architect to plan for him a villa that was the exact copy of the one owned by the cuban gangster of Miami, Tony Montana in the movie Scarface. He was so touched by the movie that he ended up identifying with the character played by Al Pacino. The villa was abandoned after he was bursted by police in 1996, in this very same place, and for roughly six years no-one really claimed this property. Walter told his fellas to take out from it as much as possible. No belongings had to be left for other people, if the couldn't be available for him. Him or no-one else had to use that property. He ordered to spread tyres all around the place and set them on fire. The only thing left after it was a king's bath tube built in the middle of a living room. A golden lion's face on top of it, from whose mouth water flowed.

It had been left as a trace of his power as a builder and as a Camorra man.
Things now might be changing direction. AGRORINASCE, the agency in charge of innovation, development, and security on the area, for the bourhougs of Casapesenna, Casal di Principe, San Cipriano D'Aversa e Villa Literno, has been given the custody of Little Walter's villa, and has assigned straight away to Architecture University of Aversa a project to renovate and refurbish the villa to make it a sporting centre for disabled people. In the same way Egidio Coppola's villa, not far from here, will become a center for disadvantaged children waiting for adoption, and will be named after Peppino Diana, the priest killed by Camorra.
Roberto Saviano