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banlieues de paris

The number of poor people in UE is considered to be between 50 and 70 millions. Statistics consider different kinds of poverty, they consider not only economic problems, but also the progressive distruction of links between people and society. Big suburbs, that have been hardly criticised when they've been built, are today a meeting point for people. People that have become precarious, that have been robbed, that have become fragile, that have been abandoned, and that are more and more looked at in a suspicious way for the development of side activities outside the legal trades. So the focus is on criminal activities such as drugs and stolen cars dealing, or like robberies. In those subburbs, were unemployment and misery are daily routines, everything is desperate and uncertain, and sometimes this leads to riots and "deviant" behaviours that only have the point to prove people their own existence. Government rules on the building market and is in charge to spread different categories of people in different places. Nothing is left to coincidence, it's all about social discrimination. In those images we see Paris, in a photo-trip through some Banlieux.